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'''Phi Sigma Kappa''' ('''ΦΣK'''), colloquially known as '''Phi Sig''' or '''PSK''', is a men's social and academic Fraternities and sororities|fraternity with approximately 90 List of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters#List of Chapters|active chapters and colonies in North America. Most of its first two dozen chapters were granted to schools in New England and Pennsylvania, therefore its early development was strongly Eastern in character, eventually operating chapters at six of the eight Ivy League schools as well as more egalitarian state schools. It later expanded to the South and West. According to its Constitution, Phi Sigma Kappa is devoted to the promotion of its three Cardinal Principles: the "Promotion of Brotherhood", the "Stimulation of Scholarship", and the "Development of Character". Phi Sigma Kappa began on March 15, 1873 at Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst, Massachusetts|Amherst (now the University of Massachusetts...
CrestFile:PSKCrest gif75.png
Founded{{start date and years ago|1873|3|15}}
BirthplaceMassachusetts Agricultural College
Motto''Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.''
Colors{{Color box|#C41E3A}} Red
{{Color box|Silver}} Silver
SymbolThe Triple T's
FlowerRed Carnation & White Tea Rose
ChaptersList of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters|95+
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